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Reiki Powered RI
Mission Statement

The Missions of the Reiki Powered RI Google group, is a group that we can post(s) for those in need of receiving Reiki, sent to; our relatives, a friend, someone who we just met, ourselves, or a situation.

Reiki Power RI Google Group

Guide Lines 

All members are monitored, which means, all posts are reviewed before being released for posting.

If a member has a Reiki experience, or a technique they would like to share with Gratitude and Humbleness, I will review it, if it's appropriate I will release it for posting.


To qualify to be a member of the group you must present a Reiki one and up certificate via photo with contact info, Name and Phone number, and email, emailed to

The Administer reserves the right to modify this group's mission, decline a membership, decline a member's posting. All members can unsubscribe at any time.

Not allowed; is promoting our business, our services such as our modalities, and products. This is prohibited.

As the Administrator, I reserve the right to post my events, such as Reiki shares, (Physically or Zoom), Reiki Talks, Reiki Classes, etc.


Looking forward to meeting you all!

  Contact Information



  Phone 401-330-9096

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