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Reiki is Define as

Universal life force energy

Rei (Ray) - Universal Life Force

Ki - Energy

What is Reiki

Reiki was discovered in 1922, by Dr. Maikao Usui who lived in Japan. He discovered Reiki healing energy while meditating on a sacred mountain, Kurama Yama, in Japan for 21 days.

Reiki is not a Religion

Reiki is being used in hospitals thoughout the country today

Pre-surgery and Post-surgery, and hospital stays.

We are very Blessed to have Reiki volunteers at South County Hospital. Reiki Volunteers provide Reiki to the patienes who request this gift.

Benefits of receiving Reiki

Reiki  complements Western Medicine

Reiki treats the whole Body, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual

The Emotional / Spirtual side

Clients may experience a deep relaxation,

thus promoting the release of;

Tension, Stress, Anxiety, Migaines, and Fear

Promotes Calmness

The Physical Body

Reiki Helps put the Physical Body back into balance

Reiki assist releasing negative energy blocks in the Physical Body

Reiki helps to reduce side effects of chemo treatments

Anyone can receive a Reiki Treatment from a Reiki practitioner. 

The client remains fully clothed, we do ask that you remove your shoes.

The client receives Reiki usually laying on a massage table.

Reiki comes throught the pratitioners hands to the client.

Reiki is a light touch of hands.

A Reiki treatment can average from a half an hour to an hour.

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