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Gentle Hands of Light 

is honor to be offering a second

Reiki one class this Summer 2023.


 Anthony Brogi, a Usui  Holy Fire III Reiki master and Karuna Holy Fire III Reiki master will be teaching the Usui Holly III Reiki I  class. Anthony studied under his Reiki master Myra Partyka starting in June 2011. In 2012 he achieved his Usui Reiki master training. Within a year an a half he achieved Karuna Reiki Master Certification.  For four years Anthony held space for his Reiki master teacher, Myra, which means while she was teaching Reiki  I, Reiki II, Advance Level and Master Level, he was assisting Myra, obtaining more knowledge of the Reiki energy, Experiences, different situations, and applications of Reiki! Anthony is also a Usui and Karuna Holy Fire III practitioner, gaining more experience. Anthony is a Member of the International Reiki Center.


Usui Reiki I will be taught in two afternoons, August 12 and 13 starting at 1:00 till 5:00 approx.  A total of 6 to 8 hours.

Description of Reiki one Class. (This is a brief description of Reiki I Class)


How and why the Reiki Teacher got into Reiki

The class will cover a brief history of Reiki

Meditation preparing the student to receive the Reiki I Placement


The Placement of Reiki I

Discussion of the Placement.

Briefly cover the Chakra system and how it relates to Reiki and the hand positions.

Instruction on how to give yourself a Reiki treatment.

How to give a Reiki Treatment without a Reiki table. You will be paired up with other Reiki students.


Day two 

Discussion of students Reiki placements experiences

How to use the Reiki One level energy.


Practice Reiki on the Reiki table.



After you complete the required time of the Reiki I class you will receive handouts on Reiki pertaining to Reiki one level and your Reiki Certificate. 


Reiki I cost   $ 200.00

Discount $50.00 Thanking Claudia of South County Reflexology for providing the space for this Class.  Thank you Claudia!  

Total Cost $150.00

 To Register

Contact Info

Phone 401-330-9096

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